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Code Your Own Neural Network: A Step-by-Step Guide

This mini-book will take you step-by-step through coding your own neural network. The language used is C++, although it’s really mostly C syntax. Once you have mastered the steps, it should be easy enough to translate your knowledge into most other languages.

The book goes step by step through the development of a relatively simple 3-layer back-propagation neural network to solve the exclusive OR problem. The purpose is to explain the concepts from a code-literate standpoint. There are lots of text-heavy and math-heavy explanations of how neural networks work, but few code-centric explanations. The exclusive OR problem is a good example because this cannot be solved with a single-layer neural network. If you are a coder, the explanations should make sense to you. No explanations of C++ syntax are given, so this is not for the novice programmer. This book is not for the purist or the researcher, it’s an introductory book for people who want a basic understanding of how neural networks work.

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50 Steps to Mastering Basic Python Programming Second Edition: With 100 practice problems and available accompanying videos, software, and problem solutions

Programming is fast becoming a basic literacy. Software is pervasive in society and therefore it is needed in virtually every occupation. But for some people, programming feels very unnatural; that’s where this book comes in! This book is written in a step-by-step, tutorial style that makes programming available to pretty much anyone who cares to take the time to learn. It’s the result of years of experience and research into teaching introductory programming. You can start using this book right away, without buying anything else and without having to install anything on your computer. Within a few days, you will understand the basics of how computer programs work. The “50 steps” method used here gives you a step-by-step incremental approach that makes the journey much easier. This book also gets right to the point when discussing new concepts. Many students complain that programming books are too explanation-heavy. Just like when you learn a foreign language, the best way to learn to program is to dive right in. So, the book is designed to get you programming right away with step-by-step examples. Free 6-month use of videos and the learning software are included when the book is purchased new. These items are specifically designed to work with this book and to help you learn the material as quickly and thoroughly as possible. This is not a book for experienced programmers; the focus is on introductory concepts using Python as the target language. If you are an experienced programmer, you will find this book tedious. For those of you who are novices at programming, this is the book for you! When you’re finished with this book, the world of programming will be opened up for you, and you can continue in many directions: data science, app development, etc.

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A Brief Introduction to Software Development and Quality Assurance Management

This brief introduction to software quality assurance is meant to fill the gap between having no information and the massive tomes that one will encounter when performing a search for the topic on Amazon. My goal with this short book is to give you some basic information that you can use to decide what other information you might need; it’s meant to be useful either as an executive summary or as an introductory text for students. Toward that end, I try to keep the explanations as brief as possible while still maintaining accuracy.

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Christianity 2020: A clear vision of Christianity for the 21st century

Are you a “lapsed Christian” or do you “wish you could believe”? Then this book is for you. Drawn from the posts on the web site, this book explains the mystical and deeper spirituality of Christianity that is not taught in most churches. Christians have a certain built-in worldview – and yet, maybe you’re finding it hard to believe “all that stuff.” Do you think science and logic makes believing in God impossible? Not so, as shown in this book. Perhaps you feel a God-shaped hole in your soul that has left your days feeling empty. This book was written to help you realize that there is a long history of thoughtful, relevant and divinely inspired works that you probably were not taught about in your childhood church.

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