In addition to having taught over 10,000 college students, Steve Shaffer has trained software professionals from dozens of major organizations throughout North America (please see the partial client list below). If you need training in software development, database management systems, artificial intelligence, data science or software quality assurance, contact us to set up a free consultation.

Partial client/trainee list: NASA * Ford Motor Company * The Federal Reserve * Lotus Development Corp. * CIGNA Insurance * John Hancock Financial Services * Hewlett-Packard * North American Communications * U.S. Department of Defense * Association of Community Cancer Centers * GMAC Commercial Mortgage * U.S. Army Research Institute * PECO Energy * Advanta Corp. * Independence Blue Cross * Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals * ADP * Ursinus College * Eastman-Kodak * Internal Revenue Service * Perot Systems * Shared Medical Systems * U.S. Air Force * Applied Research Labs (Penn State University) * Ottawa Department of Public Works * Anderson Consulting * Integrated Systems * Smithsonian Institution

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