Custom Software Development

With over thirty years of software development experience, we can create for you everything from a small special-purpose web element to a full-scale management information system. In many cases, this can be on a fixed-price basis. We specialize in solving problems using software, not just in solving software problems! Contact us for a free consultation. Below is a list of some of the applications we’ve developed.

  • Automobile sales administration & management
  • Camp administration & management
  • Daycare administration & management
  • Scheduling systems for nurses/first responders/24-7 shift workers
  • Project management software
  • Fighter pilot simulation, including a special purpose programming language
  • Government contact administration & management
  • Law firm administration & management
  • Stock trading algorithms
  • Inventory distribution administration & management
  • Directory publishing & management
  • Large-scale chemical databases
  • Automation of database administration
  • Clinical data administration & management
  • College course scheduling
  • Psychological testing administration & management
  • Telecom system billing
  • Online auction
  • Social media system
  • Online food delivery
  • Online hotel/B&B reservations
  • Farming/seed selection
  • Online sporting goods online catalog and shopping cart
  • Cancer information searchable database application
  • Natural food store online catalog and shopping cart
  • Automated generation of computer programming problems
  • Survey management system
  • Exercise program adviser
  • Remote proctoring system
  • Attendance system
  • Online news radio w/ synthesized speech
  • Automated generation of quizzes from text
  • Intelligent preparation of the battlefield
  • Automated analysis of intelligence data

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